Drama: Prophet & Loss

Prophet and Loss is a powerful epic theatre performance telling true stories of those bereaved by work-related death. This unique production also responds to the Book of Isaiah and the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth. Featuring an award-winning team of theatre makers, Prophet and Loss addressed the themes of justice and healing in prophetic and poetic imagination for a more compassionate and just world.

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See Charles Gibson’s review of Prophet and Loss.

DVD: Prophet and Loss

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PROPHET AND LOSS is also a DVD documentary based on the threatre work by the same title. The DVD is an excellent resource for learning about grief in senior secondary and tertiary education, professional development and in congregations. Study Guide for Prophet and Loss

The Rev. David Pargeter, Executive Director, Commission for Mission of the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania had this to say about how artists of every generation who help us appreciate and understand universal feelings and experiences including profound grief, and “what it means to live as compassionate members of a community”.

Here is how David describes PROPHET AND LOSS.

“Here, within this DVD we are presented with something very special and very different. Real people speak and their stories are quite beautifully respected and re-presented. Through dramatization the uniqueness of their stories is honoured yet rendered sublimely universal. Some, if not many moments in this film will touch you deeply, as their stories becomes our story. Other moments will distract you as you re-connect for a little while with some distant but ever present memory of loss. Some moments will remind you of just how fragile life is and in the background sits the story of how the thoughtlessness and carelessness of people responsible for the safety of the workplace, kills people.

I have lost several friends, family and colleagues through workplace accidents, and I appreciate the value and the integrity of the stories honoured through this DVD. To the individuals and families who honoured their loved ones and themselves by telling their stories I want to say thankyou. To all the artists who brought this piece of work to life I want to say God has blessed you. For it is indeed a blessed piece of work.” Many tributes were paid to the actors who gave so willingly of their time and skills, and to the Director Jane Woollard, and producer Mike Wilkins. In the words of Sue McCubbin “Jane and Michael … are experts at their craft. They have created a beautiful piece of film out of a hodge podge of emotions and separate stories. They have melded it together in a thoughtful and creative way to create a sensitive, thought provoking picture of what it’s like to live with profound grief. Yet they have also showed that as difficult as the journey is, that with the right support there is hope that we can survive it and in time live a positive life around it. It was a privilege to be a part of what they have created and particularly the families who shared their grief stories.” The Creative Ministries Network also extended its profound gratitude to the three families who so willingly were involved in this project, Brenda and Ian McBain, Richard and Sue McCubbin, and Alannah McGregor. CMN Director John Bottomley concluded the evening by dedicating the launch to those whose lives were remembered in the DVD, and whose deaths we mourn – Ryan McCubbin, Ian McBain, Stewart McGregor and Angela McGregor.

The DVD can also be used to deepen congregations’ understanding of the grieving process. Study Guide for Prophet and Loss

Drama: The Shark in the Fishbowl

Bullying continues to be a major cause of work stress and employee dissatifaction. It is also illegal. Since 2005, Creative Ministries Network worked to develop this performance project based on a real account of workplace bullying by Kathleen O’Brien called “Just Work”. The hope is that this play can eventually be performed at workplaces or on stage, or developed into a radio play, as a creative and engaging way of reinforcing the anti-bullying message. Download the script.

Welcome to Joe’s Aquarium Supplies. Joe’s the boss. He’s a dolphin. Likeable. Harmless. We all like dolphins but they don’t make great bosses. Joe tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one. Alison runs the office. She’s a Pike; a predatory fish that likes to ambush its prey. Alison likes to think she’s the big fish in this pond. Ruby’s a sucker-fish. Whatever power they have is leeched off the big fish they suck up to. Ruby is the Assistant Officer Manager except on Alison’s flex-day when she’s in charge. She likes to get her own way, no matter who gets in her way. Kathy’s the Office Assistant. She wishes she was an angel-fish, but mostly she thinks of herself as a jellyfish; a spineless mollusk hiding in its shell. Now, that shell is in the stationery cupboard. Kathy’s locked herself in there and she’s not coming out.

This project takes a look at workplace bullying through the eyes of three people who each contribute to the problem in their own way. Who’s the perpetrator? Who’s the victim? Who’s guilty? Who’s innocent? Who can do something about this? The answer’s not always as easy as it might seem.