Ministry at Work

Two Men Enjoying CoffeeMinistry at work shares resources drawn from CMN’s belief in the goodness of God in creation, and our agency’s testimony of being met by God’s grace in the world of work.  However, we also offer resources for agencies and congregations responding to the many people, communities and companies burdened by deeply rooted experiences of injustice and suffering at work, that cry out for healing, justice and reconciliation.

These resources demonstrate a conviction that Christ calls the church to God’s mission and ministry in the world to restore God’s image in human beings, and to embody Christ’s peaceable social order in every sphere of life.

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‘CMN is looking to support congregations and ministers able to address any of the themes in the coming liturgical year that focus on mission and ministry at work’. We will include prayers, orders of service and sermons from partner congregations in future updates of our website.

Liturgical Calendar for Ministry at Work

 Discussion Paper on Ministry at Work

Congregational Study Guide

Workshop for Church members in Paid Employment

Paper on Work Stress

Worship Resources

A Commissioning Service for Ministry in the Paid Workforce

For Labor Day
For International Nurses Day

Example of an Order of Service,  a Sermon , and a Prayer.

The Daughter of Wisdom is a play about Florence Nightingale, and is designed for use in congregational worship, either as a play reading or as a performance piece.

For Workers Memorial Day

Here is an example of A Lament, a  Confession for remembrance of work-related deaths, and a prayer for Solidarity.

This litany has been designed to honour all human work, paid and unpaid, and to pray that all of our work is reconciled with God’s intention for God’s world.