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Creative Ministries Network publications are for people interested in quality resources and information based on original research and solid reflection. From social research reports to poetry and personal narrative, Network publications strive for integrity and a commitment to truth in their engagement with the searching questions and issues facing contemporary society. Publications reflect the Network’s diverse experience of worship, research and service.

TRUST at WORK: how UnitingCare agency businesses serve God’s mission

A timely new report by John Bottomley There is sufficient original data and reflection hereto suggest it is more than timely for the UCVT network of agencies and the wider church to consider the observations offered in the case studies in the context of this summarising report. The project offers the whole church – agencies, Synod, presbyteries and congregations – an opportunity for an intentional theological conversation about the UCA’s response to God’s mission in a globalised economy, and how we all may be encouraged to listen and learn. When we are able to do that in trust that this is God’s business, to be a fellowship of reconciliation, then in a small way we are being true to our calling to be Christ’s church.

Hope for Justice and Reconcilation

Published by Mosiac Press, this book, written by Howard Wallace and John Bottomley, originated from a staff meeting about the shape of the Network’s prophetic ministry in contemporary Australian society.  The book ranges over many issues – workplace deaths, justice in the workplace, relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and what sort of God is wanted or needed in our modern world of conflict, violence and suffering.  What does the church need to hear to be prophetic in such a world?  In this book, church tradition is brought into relation with contemporary social issues.  Order this book. John's book cover

Cutting Corners

The Creative Ministries Network report “Cutting Corners” highlights the difficulties that retail shopping centre cleaners have in achieving a living wage and acceptable working conditions. Based on telephone interviews with 380 cleaners, and beautifully illustrated, the report details how cleaners are unfairly bearing the brunt of economic competition amongst retail property owners, property tenants and cleaning companies. Written by John Bottomley and Margaret Neith, the report was compiled with the support of the cleaners’ union “United Voice”, and contributes to the Uniting Church in Australia’s efforts to work with those of faith, and none, to augment the voice of those who strive for justice in their working lives.  Download PDF


Cannot be Told Before it Time – research report on Aboriginal leadership in the Uniting Church. Download PDF

Veterans and Peace

  • Worship Resources for ANZAC and Remembrance Services. Download PDF
  • From Geelong to Nui Dat and Back – the story of a Vietnam Veteran and his wife – by Barry and Sandra Pearce.  Download PDF
  • Healing the Wounds of War – a DVD of the history of the anual memorial service at St. George’s East St. Kilda Uniting Church

Work-related Death

  • I think about him every day. A report based on interviews with companies who had experienced a work-related death, by John Bottomley. Download PDF
  • Work Factors in Suicide by J. Bottomley, E. Dalziel and M. Neith, 2002. Download PDF
  • Til Death do us Part – industrial death narratives, by Elizabeth Mobayad. Download PDF
  • Restorative Justice and Work-related Death – a literature review, by Derek Brookes. Download PDF
  • Bereavement Support Groups – issues in development, leadership, training, Download PDF
  • Developing Company Policy – practical advice for employers after a work-related death, Download PDF
  • Justice and Healing – spirituality and work-related death Download PDF
  • Treated Like a Leper – a survey of companies prosecuted after a work-related death, by J. Bottomley. Cost $15
  • Time Lost – a wife’s story of her husband’s workplace death, by A. Jennings 2006 (Out of print)
  • It’s Your Life – OHS DVD for young people, by CMN and Box Hill Institute of TAFE, 2003 Cost $39
  • Suicide and Work – the need for improved data collection on work factors in suicide as a contribution to suicide prevention Download PDF
  • Filling the Dark Spot – fifteen injured workers shine a light on the workers compensation system to improve it for others


Faith and Spirituality


  • Spirit of Yearning, spirit of service: encouraging spiritual discernment and spiritual formation in mental health ministry. By John Bottomley. Download PDF
  • Profit and Loss DVD Study Guide Prepared by Rev Peter Burnham. Download PDF


  • The Labour of Love – 5 Lenten Studies by J. Bottomley Cost $5
  • Sorrows Gift – theological reflection about how a grief remembered breathed life and spirit into a declining inner urban congregation – by J. Bottomley, Cost $5:o0
  • Like Streams in a Dry Place – collection of writings for the 25th anniversary of the CMN, edited by M. Neith and J. Bottomley, 2009 Download PDF
  • In But not of the World – a report on the faith and vocation of UnitingCare CEOs by J. Bottomley, 2008 Download PDF
  • Just Work – an autobiograhical account of work-place bullying Download PDF


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