Restorative Justice Service

Business DiscussionThe Restorative Justice Service aims to offer an opportunity for restorative justice for family members who are bereaved by a work-related death, motor vehicle accident death, or a death by natural disaster.

How does restorative justice work?

The service seeks to restore relations that are just and fair.  It does this by facilitating a conversation in a safe environment between parties involved with the family members – including employers.  The RJ service may happen at any time after the death and after the completion of any legal proceedings.  It is completely voluntary for all parties, and is free.  It offers practical training initiatives in Restorative Justice.

The CMN RJ service has set up a Reference Group to assist the service with practical guidance, research and training.  The ongoing RJ Service practice standards are linked to the core principles of the research carried out by CMN and the Quality Assurance Framework developed for the CMN by Dr. Derek Brookes.

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